Friday, August 23, 2019

The Changing Face Of The National Assembly


The Gambian people would have been glued to their National Radio and Television if the National broadcaster was broadcasting the proceedings at the National Assembly at their moment of happening. Foroyaa is trying to move to Magazine production and electronic broadcasting so that the Gambian people will be saved from getting alloyed news. The National Broadcaster is complacent because of the lack of competition by other broadcasters fully devoted to serve the community rather than the mere pursuit of commercial interests.

The rigorous scrutiny of the estimates presented By the Ministry of Finance and the Bill on the Constitutional Review Commission Presented by the Minister of Justice   confirm that the National Assembly of the Gambia is coming of age  and that more attention should be paid to its proceedings by the Gambian people.

We therefore call on those who preside over its affairs to promote the spirit of debate instead of close door negotiations which keep the electorate uninformed and ignorant. There is nothing to hide in governance. This is why democracy calls for transparency and accountability.


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