Taking into consideration the political developments that are unfolding one is bound to conclude that many people are in for a big surprise on 1st December 2016. Developments are taking place in Gambian politics which could have never been imagined.    The Conference held by the Opposition parties has led to an agreement to hold a Convention to select one Flag bearer for the 2016 presidential Election. The Agreement did not distinguish the parties in terms of number of delegates. In the past this was a major bottleneck to Opposition Unity. Apparently, most Opposition Parties are of the view that the 2016 Presidential Elections should lead to a transitional arrangement. They appeared to be resolved to allow that transition not to be led by any individual party. They would want the transition to be a collective enterprise. This is unique in every respect. Foroyaa will follow the developments to see how this initial rapprochement would unfold in the long run. New tides appear to be in the horizon for politics in the Gambia.


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