Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Caste Based Antagonistic Contradiction Should Be Contained


Social being determines social consciousness. Since The Gambia was declared independent 53 years ago the old generation that brought about the end to colonial domination are almost gone. A new generation is emerging. The values have changed. They have become new social beings with new social consciousness. Many have travelled and have married into families that no longer consider the caste system as relevant in their lives.

What is therefore needed is to transform The Gambia into an open and tolerant society where none will be judged by their origin but where each will be free to develop one’s abilities to the fullest in order to serve self, family, community, country and humanity. Once such a society is created there will be no room for antagonism based on caste, language, gender and other status.

Hence all Gambians should strive to be tolerant of differences to prevent antagonistic contradictions which lead to fights, injuries and even deaths resulting in trials and even fines and/or imprisonments. No Gambian would like to leave such a history for others to read.

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