of the army were reported to have stood by the government to quell the insurgency. A statement has been issued by the government indicating the persons involved and those who were killed, captured or had managed to escape. By now we had expected that a coroner’s inquest would be held to establish the identity of those killed and cases preferred against those in custody if they are more than one person. We are told that Lamin Sanneh is killed. One would expect his mother to be in a state of pain and despair instead of posing a threat to government. Why then is she put in custody for over a month. What is her crime? If there is an allegation why has there been no charge and court appearance. The same thing could be said about the parents or relatives of others who are declared killed. In the same vein, those who have escaped are being arrested, detained and tried in the US and others have disappeared from view. What kind of threat do those close to them pose to warrant prolonged detention without trial? The public needs a press release from or press conference organised by the government to try to make sense out of the incomprehensible. Depriving a person of liberty for no just cause is modern slavery. No just person or government should seize the liberty of one’s compatriots.]]>

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