Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Best Practice For Public Appointments


Currently there are questions being raised about appointments in the newly established Commissions which are supposed to serve as the path breakers for founding a new Gambia. Consequently, the composition of such Commissions should be above reproach.

This is why appointments to such important Commissions should be in line with the standards of best practice in appointing people to public service. In many countries today such appointments must be confirmed by representatives of the people sitting in Congress or Parliament. Statutes establishing such Commissions would require those appointed to be subjected to parliamentary scrutiny and confirmation. During such inquiry before confirmation those with poor records would be identified and their appointments nullified before assuming office.

In the same vein some countries have started to announce appointees to public office to raise objections before a given date which would be backed by statutory provisions mandating the appointing authority to take due regard of objections to any appointment. Gambian legislation should begin to embrace such statutory provisions in order to prevent the type of debate that is now unfolding regarding appointments to the TRRC.

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