Friday, July 19, 2019



Today marks the beginning of the campaign period for the 6th April 2017 National Assembly elections. There are 53 constituencies which are hotly contested. All constituencies are contested by more than three candidates. Only one is being contested by less than four candidates. Apparently the election laws have specified how a campaign should be conducted.

Section 91(b) of the Elections Act stipulates:

“A candidate or political party shall not, during an election campaign  period – abuse or engage in the improper use of property of the Government for political propaganda purposes.”

This is loud and clear. All hatchets should be put down. The lashing of tongues by all political sides should come to a halt.  Government vehicles should not be utilised for campaign purposes.

Election observers should take note of vehicles of Gambia government number plates, the GGs, and report on the need to allow for a level playing ground for multi party contest. Everybody is encouraged to have violent free National Assembly election.

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