Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Battle For The Power To Destroy Rather Than The Power To Safeguard Liberty And Prosperity


One would have thought that as we head towards the second decade of a new millennium, the world would be producing leaders who would be proud to tell the world how they have discovered policies that can save the people of the world from poverty and tyranny and ensure that they live in liberty, dignity and prosperity.

Unfortunately, the people of the world are daily fed with the diet of how many times countries could be wiped out from the face of the earth, without telling us what would happen to their neighbours.

Could countries engage in nuclear warfare without putting their neighbours in danger? Which country would ever start an unprovoked nuclear warfare?

It is clear that no matter how equipped North Korea is in waging a nuclear war, it will never attack the US with nuclear weapons.

Hence there is little to be gained in focusing on the nuclear arsenal being built by countries, when they would never use them against any other country and remain unaffected.

It is therefore time to focus the world on what will save humankind from poverty, tyranny and self-destruction. Political leaders who give us solutions to such menace are the relevant leaders of the 21st Century.

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