A small spark could cause a prairie fire. This is why all those Gambians who truly value democracy would be tolerant of ethno-linguistic, religious and partisan diversity. Democracy is about choice. People can hardly belong to the same party if they truly have a choice to make.

The political parties in the country have agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding which calls for tolerance of each other. Their members are not supposed to insult each other. They are not supposed to attack each other. Hence, it is significant for people to witness the outcome of political intolerance. It results to insults, mockery, stigmatisation, hatred, contempt, fights and arrests.

Fortunately, the National Reconciliation Committee of the Coalition is reported to have managed to talk to all sides of the political conflict to bring better understanding among the various groups. They have all agreed to forgive and let bygones be bygones.

Radio and TV programmes should be intensified to prevent political, ethno-linguistic and religious intolerance. This should be the way forward for the New Gambia.


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