Foroyaa published an interview with Mr Momodou Alieu Bah who was once in the army under the Jammeh administration but had left and eventually held the position of Minister of the Interior. He was asked by Foroyaa to provide a picture to go along with his interview published in edition No. 17/2018 dated Friday 26 – Sunday 28 January, 2018.

He gave the reporter a picture where he was in army uniform. The picture was published with the article. The armed forces decision makers noticed the danger of linking the army uniform to a political party and directed the PRO to draw the attention of Foroyaa to the anomaly and requested for a remedy.

Foroyaa has seen the contradiction and has informed the reporters and editors to bear in mind that pictures also tell stories. Pictures should match the stories told otherwise they may communicate the wrong messages.

In this instance this managing editor concurs that a military uniform does not suit the deputy leader of a political party. Hence the letter from the PRO is being published to give effect to the amplification of the concerns of the armed forces to be kept out of the politics of the parties. (Read GAF Statement hope that this is a reflection for commitment by all institutions of the state to separate party interest and state administration. This is the way to consolidate the rule of law.

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