Lawyer Pa Harry Jammeh

By Lamin Fatty

Dawda Sanneh the third prosecution witness in the trial of five men charged by the police following a dispute between “slaves and free-born” in Koina, yesterday tendered an audio in court.

Mr Sanneh did so while being cross-examined by defence counsel Mr Pa Harry Jammeh. The audio is alleged to contain remarks purportedly made by some men of free born.

Lawyer Pa-Harry Jammeh : You said if you are given a date, you will tender the said audio, where is it?

Dawda produced the audio and it was marked as Exhibit A. The content of the said audio is in the Sarahuleh language. Upon the request of defence counsel, presiding magistrate Omar Jabang adjourned the matter to allow the interpreter adequate time to listen to the audio and interpret it accurately.

The case was then adjourned till 21 January, 2019 for the continuation of hearing and the bail of accused persons is extended.

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