Saturday, July 20, 2019

Team Tahawal Banjul Distribute Iftaar (At Banjul South, Central and North Mosques)


By Louise Jobe

The Holy month of Ramadan is the month when the Muslim Umaa not only shares but cares for each other. This is manifested in the benevolent and humanitarian gestures between those who can and those who cannot fend for themselves. It is in this spirit of caring and sharing that Team Tahawal Banjul, a civil society organization formed just a few months ago, decided to reach out to the city dwellers by distributing Iftaar meals at the main mosques within the capital city.

The aims and objectives of Team Tahawal Banjul, is to venture in different activities in order to uplift the lives, livelihoods and welfare of Banjulians through caring and sharing and peace and unity.

Hon. Ousman Sillah, the NAM for Banjul North, who was also part of the delegation that led the team, said Ramadan is considered as the holiest month in the Muslim calendar and every good deed is paid tenfold by the Almighty. He said the provision of Iftaar for people is one of the programs they were doing in all the main mosques in the three constituencies of the capital city and will embark on more programs that will uplift the lives of the people of the city and further promote peace and unity within Banjulians.

Speaking to this reporter, Mr. Sheikh Tijan Gaye a teacher cum sports journalist at Capital FM Radio, said as a member of Team Tahawal Banjul, uplifting the lives and livelihood of Banjulians is the primary concern of the organization which was formed just a few months ago. Mr. Njie said the organization comprises senior citizens of Banjul and many others, who hail from or are connected to Banjul. ‘‘We came into prominence during the last legislative elections when we deemed it necessary to involve the people into choosing who should represent them in political office. That was how we were able to organize preliminaries in the different constituencies of Banjul. This I must say was a land mark historical event in the history of the Gambia. That was how we selected three candidates who eventually swept the polls because they were unanimously selected by the people,’’ Mr. Njie said. ‘‘However this is not the main objective of Team Tahawal Banjul,’’ he continued.

Mr. Ebou Faye,  also a member and an elderly person of the organization, said the main purpose of Banjulians coming together is to Unite the people as one  and work together as a team to develop the city of Banjul in all categories be it social, political or religious. Mr. Faye continued to say that since it was Ramadan time, the team took the decision to organize and distribute Iftaar in the remaining ten days of the month, which will further help forge and foster the unity and development within the people. He urged the people to be united and avoid partisanship and serve the interest of the Gambia, as a Nation.

Madam Oumie Bittaye, another member of the organization made similar remarks. Mrs. Bittaye highlighted that this was initiated to bring about unity and foster the development of the city of Banjul. ‘‘This is the motive behind the formation of Team Tahawal Banjul and not just politics alone,’’ she said.


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