Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Teachers For Change End Strike


The Teachers for Change have ended their sit down strike and teachers are now back in their classrooms. The government has clarified its position by stating what it will do and what is not possible and the teachers have returned to the classroom after the pronouncement, suggesting that they have accepted the offer. The leadership of Teachers for Change has acknowledged that the strike has ended.

The ball is now on the court of the government to deliver as promised in their press release of 2 October, 2018. Maximum effort must be made to ensure that those promises are fulfilled. This will go some way to ease the problems of teachers. Needless to say, when a small wound is untreated it will eventually become a big sore that is harder to treat.

Teachers are invaluable. They are the backbone of the educational system. Their role is to transfer knowledge to the children and shape them to be persons of character.

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