By Yankuba Jallow

Talib Ahmed Bensouda, was on Saturday 17th February 2018, voted in as the Mayoral candidate for the United Democratic Party (UDP), after leading in the first and second round of the primary elections. Before the voting process took place, the aspirants spoke on their manifestos and stated their plans for the Municipality, if they were voted into office. One of the candidates, Mr. Papa Njie, who was an aspirant and front runner for the United Democratic Party prior to the primaries, pulled out of the race, giving Mr. Talib Bensouda a better chance to win.

During the first round, 141 votes were cast out of which Talib Bensouda got 68 votes or 48.9% of total votes cast; Mustapha Touray had 43 votes or 30.9% of total votes cast; Magidi Touray had 27 votes or 19.4% of total votes cast; Buramanding Jaiteh got 1 vote or 0.7% of total votes cast and Badi Jaiteh had zero vote.

On the scheme of selecting voters for the primaries, twenty people were selected from seven Constituencies within the Municipality and the Chairman of the UDP in the Municipality sealed it, making it 141 voters.

During the second round, Mr. Bensouda got 87 votes which was a comfortable lead against his partner because it was more than 50% of the votes cast in his favour.

Mr. Ousainou Darboe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the UDP, expressed gratitude to the aspirants who took part in the primaries. Mr. Darboe said they have manifested that they are ready to serve the people. He called on the UDP faithful especially the party’s National Assembly members, to campaign vigorously in order for the party to win massively in the forthcoming election.

He called on former Mayor Lie Conteh, to come and join the UDP campaign team saying he is part of them. Other UDP primaries ended as follows: For chairperson and Mayors for the regions; the party selected Rohey Malick Lowe for Banjul, Talib Bensouda for Kanifing Municipality, Modou Lamin Bojang for North Bank Region, Morro Jobarteh for Central River North, Foday Danjo for Upper River Region, Ebrima Janko Sanneh for Central River South, Landing B. Sanneh for Lower River Region and Sheriffo Sonko for West Coast Region.

On his part Talib Ahmed Bensouda said it was not his victory but that of the party; that it showed unity and that they will remain united through democracy. ‘‘I am ready to work with all those who contested in the primaries’’, he said.

Mr. Bensouda promised to work in order to develop the municipality.

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