Thursday, August 22, 2019

Tailors, Seamstresses Speak About Current Business Climate


By: Ndey Sowe

Tailors and seamstresses within the Municipality, have spoken on the challenges and current business climate, regarding their work.

Speaking to Binta Jarju, the CEO of BJ creation in Tallinding Jamano Street, said if it was not for this coming ‘Tobaski’ feast, business has been very slow for them; that she started her business at a young age through her own inspiration, in order to empower her fellow women through employment creation; that she now employs twelve people who use ordinary sewing machines to sew all kind of materials; that she has bought other machines which they use on designer clothes too.

Baye Jobe a tailor at Tallinding

‘‘I use electricity from NAWEC which is reasonable as far as tailoring is concerned in this country,’’she said; that for now, electricity has stabilized unlike before when they sat for days without it, and urges NAWEC to improve the efficiency of the system, as the ‘Tobaski’ is high on their heels, with a lot of materials to sew, for their clients.

‘‘I have no sponsor. I struggle for myself, to reach this level. I have gone through training to know the art of sewing and how to manage my business,’’ she added. She urged Government to provide more skill centers with highly trained teachers, for upcoming young people who are the future responsible leaders.

Another tailor at Tallinding, Baye Jobe, made similar remarks to this reporter. Baye said he has toiled so much to acquire his sewing machines and opening a workshop; that the machines are very expensive, and expected to reap the fruits of his labour from the business. Baye admitted the tailoring is profitable business because he is able to pay house rent and School fees and provide fish-money and take care of other expenses. He however lamented that the business environment has seen some decline recently; that save for the forthcoming ‘Tobaski’ feast, they have started seeing some clients; that otherwise, business has not been good for the past months.

Baye also admitted that using electricity from NAWEC is more profitable for them; that it is easy and makes their work faster and praises Nawec for the big improvement they have seen in the supply of electricity. He ‘prayed’ for this to continue so that they can realize something in their businesses and be in a strong position to also pay Nawec, what they consume.

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