Monday, February 17, 2020

Supreme Court Set To Hear Case Against ‘Janneh’ Commission


By Yankuba Jallow

The Supreme Court of the Gambia is set to hear and determine the case between Muhammed Bazzi and Fadi Mazegi, against the Commission of Inquiry set up by the president to probe into the financial dealings and assets of former president Jammeh and his close associates, dubbed ‘Janneh Commission’.

When the case was called before a quorum of the Supreme Court, Counsel Victoria Andrews appeared for the appellants (Bazzi and Mazegi), whilst Counsel O. Suso appeared for the ‘Janneh Commission’ and Binga D. as well as N. Jarju, represented the Attorney General.

Counsel Andrews told the Court that the appellants have filed their motion and the respondents (The Commission and the Attorney General) have not file theirs.

Counsel O. Suso told the Court that the matter before them is similar to the one that was already determined by the Court, where it was held that the Commission cannot be made a party to any suit; that the Supreme Court should strike out the name of the Commission in that suit, being the reason why they have not filed their motion.

Binga D. told the court that they understood that the issues in these cases are the same as that of the case that was dismissed by the Supreme Court. “The issues are almost the same,” he said.

The Gambia Supreme Court on Friday, December 30th, in the case of Feryale Ghanem declared that the Commission of Inquiry probing into the financial dealings of ex-president Jammeh and his close associates, fondly called the ‘Janneh’ Commission, cannot be made a party to any suit.

In her reply, Lawyer Andrews told the Court that her clients have the right to be heard; that the cases of her client are different from that of the one that was decided by the said Court.

The Court adjourned the case on notice to hear the said motion.

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