Saturday, July 20, 2019

Super Nawettan: Referees’ Fee Saga Resolved


By Kebba AF Touray

Photo: Referee were on a boycott but that has now been resolved

Referees’ boycott of Super Nawettan games has ceased, Foroyaa Sport can report.

Match referees staged a boycott on Monday demanding increase in match allowances.

Game arbiters were requesting fees per game be raised from D300 to D500.

Initial efforts to reach an agreement didn’t yield much with tournament organizers offering to pay D400 which referees consider to be unfavourable.

The stand-off, leading to cancellation of all four games on Monday, came much as unwelcomed news to zone supporters.

However, the saga has now been put to bed with postponed games to be rescheduled soon.

The matter has been resolved and all the five referees will each be paid D500 per match,’ GFF’s Bakary Burama Baldeh tells Foroyaa Sport.

It was first believed that a comprise was reached before Monday’s dramatic turn of events.

Matches have now resumed beginning yesterday.

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