Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sumareh Snubs Gambia For Malaysia


By Sulayman Bah

The wing-midfielder has been summoned to the Southeast Asian country’s squad after being initially overlooked for the two international test games last month.

It followed Malaysia’s over cautious approach and strict rule toward incorporating foreign-born players into its national side.

The trajectory means Sumareh could be eligible for the coming qualifiers after a near three-year battle to beat bureaucracy to become the first ever foreigner offered the chance.

Born in Fajara, it was first thought the 23-year-old would only qualify to earn full citizenship in 2023 despite his 11-year stay in the Asian nation.

However, a lobby by his own club Pahang FA to earn him local player status –the first phase towards start of naturalisation – quicken the process.

One of the best dribblers in the M-top tier, Muhamed has been on the Gambia Football Federation radar for a while before his latest change of allegiance.

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