Sunday, February 23, 2020



By louise jobe

I  am  categorically disappointed with the Daily Observer news paper on the article publish on  Monday  3th April  2017 “Landmine  Kill father, 2 sons in Wassadou.

My name is Karamo  Sanneh  the younger brother to Sulayman Jonkong Sanneh  the victim of the accident totally disagreed  with way the daily observer coted me in their publication about my brother’s and  sons death in Landmine explosion  last Thursday at Wassadou village foni Jarrol district.

The Daily observer” we known  our brother and his children were not target for the mines, just that whatever Allah the Almighty decided is final and this was they should depart this world, Karamo Sanneh and Tumani Sanneh.

Karamo  and Tumani categorically denied social media report that it was a well – calculated plan  to  kill  Sulayman Jonkong Sanneh because of his loyalty to the U.D.P party “ I totally disagreed with the news paper,  the death of my brother is connected with politics because on Wednesday night I receive a phone call from Tuman Sanneh at the hours  22: 00 pm  to 23: 00 pm who tell me that my brother the late man and Abdoulie Mareh are buying voters card from A.P.R.C supports to U.D.P party  he went on to tell me that matter is at the Police then I told him that I am coming from the village today and such never happened, after his call I try to call my brother to ask him what happened.

I did not get him on that night I waited till the following morning which the same Thursday I call him and asked I heard that you were buying voters card from  A.P.R.C supports for U.D.P party until the matter went to the police station. He answered in negative that it is not true me and Abdoulie Mareh went to the Balanta people to wine their minds, Alhagie Ensa Sanneh met us there and  said you people are here to buy this peoples voter card for UDP party but apart from our talk with Alhagie Ensa he left and we also go on with our business. After our telephone he ask the 2 sons to get ready for them to go to the bush with the house card. They lost their lives on the way to the bush.

The Daily observer reporter should interviewed me before reporting the wrong information and framing me , please I want him to write a corrigendum tomorrow before it is late.




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