Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sukuta Bahamas Youth Charged By Prosecution, Bailed


By Yankuba Jallow

Banjul, 21 December 2017 – The six youths of Sukuta Bahamas who were arrested some days back, were charged on today by Police prosecutors but granted bail. The six are Muhammed Mballow, Yankuba Fatty, Buly Saidy, Ebrima Mballow, Ebrima Mballow, who sustained injury in the previous arrest, and Afusainey Saidy.

This came when they reported to the Brusubi Police Station. Yankuba Fatty one of those detained said when they went to report at the Brusubi Police Station, the Officers transferred them to the prosecution unit and told them that it was the final place of their case. “They told us that before we leave the office, we must be bailed again and before our people came, we were put behind bars”, he said. “Whatever the case, we are prepared for it in court because we are taken as criminals and believing in the complainants”, he said. “To make things clear to the public, the case is not about land but a road that we use. People came and obstructed our movement by making blockages. We as concerned citizens removed the logs that were left on the highway to ease our movement”, Yankuba said. “The first day when we were arrested, we were charged for wilful damage to property and on Tuesday, they added extra two charges,” he said.

“I was pulled out of my house forcefully where I sustained head and ear injury and my head was scanned at Banjul Hospital (EFSTH)” Ebrima said.

“We have been using the road for over 20 years. How can someone sell our road?” Buly Saidy questioned.

Police PRO Kujabi was contacted and promised to get back to Foroyaa but further efforts to get back to him proved futile.

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