Monday, February 17, 2020

Strike or No Strike?



Some unions in the transport sector have supported the reduction of fares but the Gambia Transport, Agricultural, Food and Industrial Workers Union is opposed to it claiming that the drivers are opposed to it. Foroyaa will endeavor to interview the leadership of the union to get their opinion on the issues.

In short, although both unions are in the same sector they have taken diametrically opposed positions. But they cannot be forced into one organisation or be disbanded. Every group of persons has the right to form a trade union in accordance with section 25 of the Constitution. A union may even proceed to go on strike if they fulfil the conditions spelt out in section 139 of the Labour Act. In short any merger must be borne out of their free will to come together. They must see it as a felt need to come together to achieve an objective just as the opposition under former president Jammeh freely united to contest against him.

Needless to say, the issue is not whether the drivers have the legal right to strike or not but whether all stakeholders are willing to settle this matter in good faith in the public interest. Foroyaa will find out from the union leaders why they are not part of the fold and whether they do not want to join the fold?

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