It is the duty of the executive to make countrywide tours to find out the impact of government policy on the population.

The most important goal is to produce enough rice by 2016 so that the importation of rice would be stopped. The president needs to engage the farming community to find out how many hectares of Land had been put under rice cultivation and how many tons of rice would be produced in 2015.

The people are interested in statistics and not just mere visions. What Gambia could do is known to all. Those who are elected should not simply come up with visions. They should come up with concrete programmes, action plans and projects aimed at benefitting the people.

If the tour is not a party leader’s tour all media houses would be invited to send reporters who would be allowed to do independent coverage of the true state of the farming season.

Government vehicles are meant to provide public services. They should not be used to transport party activists to engage in political campaign. Everybody should be alert. If government vehicles are utilised to   promote the ruling party the tour should be seen as gross abuse of incumbency.


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