By Lamin I Darboe

As was publicized before some Spanish doctors and nurses will be in The Gambia to volunteer to offer medical services free of charge. The team of doctors and nurses will offer free treatment at Soma health centre.

The doctors are specialists in various fields. They can do lot of operations, including plastic surgery. If for example you have burns you can be treated. Bone specialists will also be available. They are expected in the latter part of August.

More doctors and nurses will be joining this team in early September and these are eye specialists (OPHTHALMOLOGISTS). They will also offer free treatment.

Specialists will also treat patients with ulcer.

Once you are admitted your feeding will be taken care of by them till they discharge you. Transportation will be provided for patients living in the Kombos to go to Soma health centre.

To be part of this free treatment just dial these phone numbers: ;

7055652/ 6611843.

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