Foroyaa does not know what type of report Mamour Mbenga is given as he spends weeks in Dakar. He is seriously ill. He was on sick leave prior to the incident of 14 April 2016.

No editor would have assigned Mamour Mbenga to cover any incident which could flare up.

Now that he has made his presence known in Dakar, it is important for any good Samaritan to know that he is in need of urgent medical treatment for an illness which was diagnosed and treatment had long started before these incidents.

Instead of people who genuinely hold divergent views with Foroyaa management dwelling on their differences with the paper’s managment, the best thing would be to cooperate with us to save him. He refused the offer of management for medical support and what was on the pipeline was to get the medical report and publicise it as we usually do with others  to raise funds for his treatment abroad.

We hope the online media he turned to will now lead the way in advocating for his treatment. We will lend some support whenever we are asked to do so. We will also play our part in restoring him to good health.



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