Saturday, July 20, 2019

Solo Sandeng’s Memory Should Not Be Soiled


Every human being who suffers injustice, requires solidarity. Life is precious and the worst form of injustice is to deprive family members of their loved ones.  This is an irreparable loss and such family members do not need to suffer more pain by being a subject of public discussion.

Foroyaa would like to appeal to the family members of the victims and accused persons to leave the law to take its course and give justice a chance.

Courts are essential to prevent us from taking the law into our own hands which often leads to more injustice.

War of words make people to focus on the hostilities rather than focus on the victim and give solidarity to the family. What Solo Sandeng’s family needs now is solidarity and not to be seen as trouble seekers. Words and deeds should march occasions. Death should go with serenity and calmness and not with war of words and wrangling. The spirit of Sandeng should prevail whenever people gather to hear his case. It should compel every one person to be gripped by calmness and contemplation on how we can prevent such a thing from ever happening again. No one should be gripped by the spirit of revenge. This is what conscience and reason demand.

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