Monday, July 22, 2019

SK Central nawettan update


By Sulayman Bah\ Serrekunda Central’s nawettan league is in remarkable full Footballswing as Gaucho thrashed Potti United 4-0. Barthez slumped to Bantaba losing 2-1 with Konge-BI and Royal Bulls slugging it out scoreless. Susan also managed a similar score with BK Central. Zam-zam versus Aren Bi, Breakers against Bakoteh Borehole, BK City –Y.G.F.A all settled for scoreless results in another episode of draw festival. BMC against Aren Bi also followed a similar result. Elsewhere, Brikama and Serrekunda East are on their Knockout Cups with draws fixtures already out. Brikama Knockout draw KABAFITA UTD VS CHIMO UTD AMASA VS PUNTALANA SANTO SU UTD VS REAL DE MISSIRA YARAMBAMBA VS 1 INFANTRY BATTALION A.C MILAN VS CONGE BI SOCCER STARS VS JAMISA/GAMCELL DASILAME UTD VS G- SARR FREDERICTON WANDERERS VS GREATER TOMORROW REAL DE BUSUMBALA VS DARU UTD SPARE BANKS VS GIDDA YOUTHS NEW TOWNUTD VS GIDDA ARROWS JESPA ACADEMY VS FABOU BEREWULENG VS SKY POWER NEMA YOUTHS VS HEADQUARTERS BORDERLINE TALLI BI VS FORTUNE STAR LIGHT VS M.L DERTUSA SK East Knockout fixture MACCASSA VS MILAN ROSSONERI UPRISING VS BLUESTARS RANGERS VS MANCHESTER UNITED MEDINA VS ONE LOVE EBBEHGI VS JUVENTUS LATRI KUNDA UNITED VS BANTABA  ]]>

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