Friday, July 19, 2019

Sillah Faults Electoral Body, ‘Withdraws’ from GFF Elections


By Yankuba Jallow

Malick Sillah has faulted Football House’s election commission as he decides against challenging Lamin Kabba Bajo in the race to be the country’s football boss.

In a hastily arranged presser Friday evening, Sillah accused the Kabba camp of employing “strong-arm tactics” to remain at the helm by all means.

He opted against contesting just hours before Saturday’s congress, saying their decision is also prompted by their lack of confidence in the body overseeing the polls.

An accountant at the nation’s palace, Malick had five of his team members’ nomination papers rejected by the electoral board, arguing the decision wasn’t based on any law.

In a statement read by Essa Jallow, one of the team’s key figures, Sillah made reference of the GFF tax-fraud saga including the conviction of the Lang Tombong Tamba, saying the incumbents stooped low to do all things to cling onto power.

The voters’-list, the Kabba’s opposition team’s camp said, wasn’t made available to all delegates.

Election Dodou Capi Joof chairman said a Saturday’s congress hall that they did not receive any notification regarding Sillah’s withdrawal of his candidature.

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