Yaya Jamanka a 10 year old boy who is seriously burnt and receiving treatment at RVTH last Friday received over one hundred thousand dalasis from donors.
The money which was collected from the USA and sent to Kebba Camara, a journalist in the Gambia was sucessfully handed over to the family of the child.One Fatou Joberteh in the USA said when she saw the condition of the boy on facebook, she thought the boy really needs an urgent help especially with finance. Through a campaign called GOFUNDME they were able to gather over a hundred thousand dalasis for Yaya.
Delivering a statement on behalf of the donors, Kebba Camara a radio presenter said Gambians and non Gambians alike living in US and other parts of the world said they are with Yaya Jamanka and his family in this difficult times.

“We contributed among ourselves hence through one Fatou Joberteh we saw online that he needs help and that’s why we donate money, our contact person in the Gambia is Kebba Camara who shared the story on social media. we believe that the money which is close to hundred thousand will go a long way in not only getting Yaya a good medical attention in the Gambia but to use for his needs whiles work is going on for his treatment overseas t. We hope his parents will put the money in to good use and that the money will serve its purpose, our doors will still be opened and communications will continue, thanks to RVTH, thanks to Fatou Joberteh and Kebba camara and long live our dear nation The Gambia”.



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