Should President-Elect Barrow be inaugurated before the end of court processes?

Gambians should understand their Constitution. This would prevent them from being misled by anyone. Read the following for yourself and draw your own conclusion:

Section 43 (2): “The commission shall announce the results of all elections and referendum for which it is responsible.”

It is therefore the duty of the IEC to announce the results of elections.

The IEC has announced that President-Elect Barrow has won the election. He is therefore declared elected.

Furthermore, Section 63 (2) states: “The person declared elected as President shall take the prescribed oaths and assume office on the day the term of office of the incumbent President expires.”

This also means that President-Elect Barrow who is declared elected is to be sworn in as President when the term of office of outgoing President Jammeh ends.

Anybody who disagrees with this should equally quote the Constitution to back their claim. If they fail to do so then one should regard their claim as a means to mislead public opinion.

Those who close radio stations also have no confidence in their ideas and ability to shape public opinion.


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