Monday, July 22, 2019



The crisis over the burial of a dead person has become a subject of discussion in the electronic media with people calling to express divergent views.

Every Gambian should know where their rights start and where they stop. Foroyaa has said over and over again that each Gambian has one voter’s  card to prove that we are all equal in ownership of the country. This is why each of us requires equal protection under the law.

If each Gambian is restricted in exercising one’s  rights on the basis of the ethno linguistic group, religion or gender  one belongs to then the law of the jungle will prevail.

It is therefore important to remind Gambians of that section of the constitution which imposes on the executive, the judiciary the legislature and all persons in The Gambia to exercise the duty to uphold and protect the rights of all.

One of these fundamental rights is the right to exercise the freedom of belief and to practise one’s religion without any discrimination. Each must practise his/her belief as one wants and leave others to do as they wish if we want peace and tranquillity in the country.

Whatever contradicts the peace and tranquillity in a country is not proper religious conduct. We call on all Gambians to promote the spirit of national reconciliation and unity by tolerating and respecting our diversity. This is the way for all progressive Gambians.

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