Amie Sillah

The Verdict
Korka spoke to Bangaly and he urged him to force them sell their cars or threaten to relocate to the village which they’ll all oppose. And that’s what he did.
He assembled his household and gave his verdict.“I am sort of liquid cash which calls for drastic action in short we have to sell your cars or relocate back to the village so it is either or!”
The women stared at each other and Korka.
“What do you have to say I am all ears?”
“Silence means consent I am going ahead to sell them.”
The cars were sold and the house ran for a while but things became hard again.
There was another discussion.
“You are not surprised that I called you again we cannot make ends meet things are still very hard and difficult in the city we have to relocate to the village and rent our house to upkeep ourselves at home.”
There was no choice as the family return back to the village.

At the Village
   The characters revealed themselves at the first day.
T.T was warmly welcomed as grandma raised her grandson Sayerr and kissed him.
“Welcome home!”
She reflected and turned to Sengaan.
“Am I not blessed with two grandchildren and two husbands?” She raised Sengaan and also kissed him.
“Welcome home!” She also greeted J.J who walked passed her. Straight away as an elderly woman she knew that trouble lay ahead.
Sayerr is 4+ while Sengaan is 5 they are both calm and of pleasant personality.

Grandma Ndungu
She loves her grandchildren as Korka is her only surviving child she is ‘yaradal’ (a woman who loses her children).She called them and narrates stories for them and the children love the tales. She told them how good obedient children survive while truant kids perish.

The story of the two kids
Dayga and Daygut were two boys of the same parents; Dayga very wise as he listens to good counseling and is very respectful to elders.
Daygut was the opposite of his brother who always wants to experiment whatever he was advised not to do and was also arrogant and rude to elders who want to rectify him and put him on the right tract.
One day they went to the forest and saw two roads leading to different directions and two men one standing at each side of the road.
The old man at one of the road said to them;
“Don’t take that road it is bushy and full of wild beasts that can harm or eat you up take this road which will lead you progress and prosperity.”
Dayga shook his head and said;
“Thank you grandpa I’ll do just that.” And he took the road that they were advised to take while his twin brother decided to do the opposite.
“Mind your business stupid old man; I’ll take the other road and have the experience as life is not a bed of roses.”
The other old man at the dangerous path asked Daygut not to take heed of the advice.
“Life is a challenge come along this path and conquer adversity and difficulty.”
Daygut took the dangerous path.
Two grandmas were at the other end to receive them.

The journeys
Dayga learned to be polite and respectful, loved education and learned skills enroute people love and respected him at the end of the journey he became a productive adult and was able to occupy a place to live his life purposefully when society change for better and the grandma at the receiving end was over joyous as she received her grandson who has now become part of the history makers.
Daygut’s life was full of twists and turns, unfocused he fell to bad influence of alcohol, drugs and rough life which destroyed his life before he reached the end of his journey and he could not benefit from blissful reality in the new dawn because he was ill prepared and lose his life at an early age.
“The story is teaching you that life is full of twists and turns now but things will be better in the future but you have to prepare for that future to live a meaningful life. Who is ready to prepare for the future?” Grandma asked them.
Me! Me!” The kids chorused.
“Watch each other and behave like brothers love and respect self and others.” She then gave them fruit and nuts.

Kids Playing
Grandma encourages the kids to play and get familiar with each other but J.J is displeased as she tries to discourage her son and gives him bad advice.

She called her son but Sen ignored her then she came and dragged him away.
“You are the heir the first son, don’t play with him they are jealous and through his mother he can harm you.”

She was shock with disbelief.
“J.J! Why are you poisoning Sengaan’s young mind? That is bad the kids are blood brothers they should learn to play with each other and the difference and hatred between the two of you should not be transferred to the innocent kids. You are also giving him false information if you don’t know you are not married to my son but living in concubinage and Sengaan cannot be the first traditionally legal son T.T is traditionally the legal as well as the church wife who bears the first son; as long as your bride price is not paid you cannot bear a first son.”

“Do I care about your bias custom and tradition? What I know is that Sengaan is the first son and I have to protect him from bad and evil eyes.”
“You are terrible, evil and divisive I gave you the benefit of the doubt and has always blamed T.T for being exclusive but I now know better; God will not allow you destroy my son’s family and all evil intentions will go back to sender.”
J.J hissed and went into her room with her son.

Family Meeting
Grandma summoned the family.
“An elder who sees danger and refuses to talk whatever happens tomorrow he/she cannot absolve self but an elder who sees danger and speak about it will be absolved in the morrow. What I have witnessed today must be stopped and addressed before it becomes too late to rectify.”

To be Cont.


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