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Seyii Tolof- Tolof – Part 585 EPISODE 37 (Difficult Marriages- ‘Domm Ju Gorr’- The Value of the Male Child)


She gave Yaaga lift and took her home when the car alighted Taaru helped her come down while she held her son Abel; Yaaga was flabbergasted as she stared at wealth right in front of her face;
“Welcome my dear Sister welcome to my humble abode!”

“This is heaven on earth so beautiful everywhere is dazzling.”

“Do you like the place?”

“Like? It is an under estimation I love it thank you very much my dear sister.”

“Let me take you to your room you take bath and rest with your baby.”
She took her to a spacious room, parlour with everything inclusive.”

She stared with eyes wide open touching every item her hand could reach;
“Is this my room or are you mistaken?”

She laughed aloud;
“Yes this is your room do you like it?”

She hugged Taaru and kissed her all over;
“I love and adore it thank you very much a friend in need is a friend indeed! You have not disappointed me.”

Yaaga reflected on when she met with Taaru at their first day in school love at first sight she got attracted to Taaru who gave part of her rich lunch to her and when around the school showing her the classes; Yaaga was also given a rich packed lunch she too decided to give Taaru some of it. From that day on wards they became the best of friends.

She carried along Yaaga’ son Abel and introduced Yaaga as her childhood best friend and confidante;
“This is Yaaga my childhood best friend and confidante we used to go for weekend to each other’ home God has made us come together again; she will be employed to work with the culinary staff and the sky is the limit.”

She welcomed her and showed her around all the staff and sundry.

“I promise to do my work well without fear or favour and to treat everyone as the same, I suffer sister and this is a good opportunity to organize my life and shame my enemies especially my dad and his evil witch of a wife.”

Her Room
Earlier Taaru took her to her quarters she took a warm bath together with her son and have a good snap.

She visited her in her room to have privacy with her.

She narrated her story.
“My sister I suffered first with my family;
My dad married a woman I loved and respected I took her as the mother I never know I thought she loved me until she proved herself to be fake; she is barren and wish me evil she was jealous of my dad’ love for me; she used black magic and ensured I fail in my subjects and also to embrace boys instead of books; I used to do well in school but later slacken and lost interest in all good values that was to make my parents proud of me I suddenly became depressed, lose interest in school and developed bad company that leads me to smoking cigarettes and later ‘Indian hemm’. I start to run away from home I met my lover the father of my children.”

She stopped her and asked;
“Children! Where are your other children?”

“I aborted four boys Abel is the fifth but I refused to abort him.”

She shook her head tears of compassion in her eyes:
“Go on spill it out of your heart it is exorcism.”

“I refused food from home my evil step mom protested especially when my boy- friend Nasaah brought me packed lunch and I refused the family food. We quarreled and I insulted her my dad came and she reported me my dad beat me blue/black Nasaah sided with me against my parents dad cursed and drove me out of his home throwing my suitcase out into the streets. I left and after I went to Nasaah who encouraged me to co-habit with him which I did until the law caught up with him he is now serving a sentence of 10 years hard labour without parole I could not go back to my paternal home and nobody will live with me because of Abel I was forced to sell him to a rich lady who wanted to take him to Europe in exchange for good money, studies to gain skills for me but I couldn’t; I knew the value of the male child nothing can buy it on earth.”

That bit of her story hit Taaru’ heart who reflected on her life;
“I have everything but not a male child my lovely, witty girl Seela being discriminated because of gender I am about to share my handsome, gender conscious husband with another woman just because of a male child, God deliver us from such a barbaric custom;  look at my wretched friend so bless with male issues five boys, four aborted and the fifth one alive and with her! God help me with a male issue even if handicapped.”

“Taaru! What happened? Have I said anything that hurt you so much?”

“No! No! No!” She lied;
“I am just fine let me leave you for now for you to have a good night sleep; good night see you tomorrow morning.”She off the light and went to her apartment away from the servant quarters.
To Be Cont.      

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