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Seyii Tolof – Tolof – Part 584 EPISODE 37 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Domm Ju Gorr’ The Value of the Male Child)


She has nowhere to go her paternal home was a no-go area she is an orphan her mom came from CRR North she has never gone to that place she was born and bred in Greater Banjul this is her home her mom died when she was 2 years old her dad married a second wife who never gave birth to a child; Yaga was their only child she was brought up a naughty brat people see  her as an orphan and showed her sympathy and empathy which she greatly abused, She became a school drop- out at Grade Nine. She adopted bad company, insulted her step-mother, she was deceived by her boy-friend and she decided to leave her paternal home and co-habit with Nasaah, drug peddler and a thief; he caught up with the law after a recent break in and is now sentenced to 10 years hard labour without parole.

She was a classmate, her school mama who was very fond of her, sympathetic and empathic they met at the clinic and reconnect again she lodge her for a day but her roommate kicked against it querying about the noise she is studying to become a nurse; Hanju suggested to take Yaga back and reconcile her with her parents, a rich woman want to adopt Baby Omar and take her abroad in exchange to educate Yaga to any level and give her capital to start any business of her own and to also learn skill but she decline all offers;

“I know the value of a male child I’ll not exchange my son for anything even if I have to beg with him in the street I’ll do so.” She swore.

She gave her some cash from her stipend;
“Take this meager sum and start something may God multiply it and take good care of yourself if it was in the village I would have given you shelter but here is the city very hard to survive but all the same manage your life and now you should make better choices after your mistake; join family planning I am always here to help if you need my services.”

She went to a junction and started his roasted groundnut business carrying her baby people passerby have pity on her baby and start to patronize her with cash and kind and the petty trading flourish and expand now she markets her nuts in glass bottles and the upper class found it attractive as they continue to patronize her and leave their change with her as a bonus.
Other people who give out charity also give it to her; she rented a small parlour and leave  there with her son as she vacated the streets which is dangerous many times she escape robbery and assault while she lives in the streets.

Her Life takes a U-Turn
One fine day she came to her spot late because she took Baby Omar to the clinic for his nine-month injection she came back as she was about to take a seat a flashy car stopped at herr spot and a beautiful damsel came out and rushed to her;

“My fair damsel what do you want groundnut? One or two bottles?”

“Give me two bottles.” She took some and tasted it;
“This is delicious Jambi will love it. Give me five bottles.”

“Five bottles? Excellent it is finished tomorrow I’ll roast more.”

She recognized the voice;
“Do I know you somewhere? That voice is familiar.” She came closer and exclaimed;
“Are you not Yaga my one and only friend I adopted as a school mom at Cross Road Junction middle School?”

She put her son down and exclaimed;
“You are Taaru that kind hearted beautiful girl now grown up to become the Queen you were always so kind-hearted and down to earth? I never have   any friend since you travel abroad when did you return to town Taaru? How I missed your company I cried when you left for the U.S. Your sister told me you were married there where is your husband?”

“It was some eight years ago I got married to my Prince charming now we a blessed with a beautiful girl Mbugel. Hop in more conversation tell me everything.”

As Taaru drove home she told her story;
“My story is not as rosy as yours I fell into a vicious circle my step mom turned out to be a wicked soul she drew a wedge between my dad and me my lovely dad became a monster they conspired and drove me out of my paternal home my boyfriend got me in and we co-habited; he conceal his life style on the hold he is a waiyo a drug peddler and a thief last month his gang and himself were caught breaking in and sentenced to 10 years hard labour with parole; she made me aborted 4 pregnancies which were all male children I refused to abort Baby Omar and he is here with me I was living in the streets another classmate gave me some money to start peanut business here I am blessed now I’ve rented a parlour and presently living there with my son.”

“Your suffering is over from henceforth I’ll lodge youin our mansion and give you a good job as a house keeper with a fat salary just like an office worker what about that?”

She almost jumped out of the car with excitement.
“What! Are you real? Me Yaga  the rejected honoured like that?” She pinched herself and said aloud;
“Am I dreaming or is it real?”
To be Cont.       


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