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Seyii Tolof – Tolof – Part 565 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender Based Violence )


At Nyanga’ Home
He scolded Fatima his girl -friend and Fiancé;
“Why your attitude? Penda was my first wife the mother of my first child how can I flush them from my system? You have to be tolerant else you’ll have a problem; we are now divorced that does not mean we’ll malice grow up don’t mess yourself up make peace with them Penda fights rights but she and our daughter are likable and very friendly.”

“Please Nyanga I don’t want to discuss neither your ex-wife nor your daughter forgive me.”

He was not pleased with Fatima but kept quiet to keep the peace.

Penda’ House
Sang visited Penda with the Girls who decided to spend the weekend with their aunty; Sang took the opportunity to have a date with Penda that was where thy saw Nyanga who became jealous thinking they are dating as partners.

 He remembers their first date when he met Penda at her office after exchanged greetings he said;
“Young lady you are so nice your company should make you the public relations officer.” They laughed  over it and exchanged numbers.

Nyanga was the first to call her and propose a date.

The Date
They visited a reasonable restaurant and have fun at the end of the date he requested for the duo to become partners with good intentions for the future.
“Since we last met I cannot full you out of my thoughts you have made a great impression in my mind give me a chance to prove myself.” He pleaded.

“I do not want to be a ‘yes girl’ give it time and we see how it works.”
Nyanga agreed and they dated for some time when they are satisfied with each other’s character Nyanga proposed at a special date;

After eating a delicious meal at their first restaurant Nyanga stooped before his woman and proposed;
“My beautiful damsel! Will you marry me and make me complete?” He placed the ring at her finger.

“I’ll marry you wholeheartedly.” He raised her from the floor and kissed her all over very happy and excited.

The Marriage
They held a moderate marriage and immediately lived together.

The First Contradiction
“My love, my salary is large enough to cater for our needs can you be a stay at home mom?”

She thought hard and her answer was;
“Darling it would be difficult on my part remember our parents depend on us if I stop now who will take care of my old mom? Your mom is being taken cared by you how can my mom be an added burden? Please leave me to work I am a graduate for God sake and my mom as a widow struggled hard to get my sister Ann and my humble self- educated. She could pay university education for me but skills for Ann. We should not be emotional about it I’ cook for my family and my house help do the house hold -chores and so far we are doing fine.”

His macho could not be masked he shouted at Penda for the first time since their marriage she was startled and a bit scared.
“You have to decide which one to take your marriage or your job? My salary is enough to take care of my family don’t you worry I am a man capable to tackle my problems.”

She was put into a trap, a situation; what was she to do Nyanga closed all the negotiating doors and gave her time to respond?

At Penda’ Mother’ Home
She reported her dilemma to her mom;
“Nyanga gave me ultimatum ‘my job or my marriage?’ What should I do mom? I love my husband who does everything for me I lack nothing and there is marriage security now and I am pregnant for now.”

Maama Harriet
“My mom reflected and said;”
“I am a mother who want her children married to good responsible men your younger sibling Ann is  yet to marry and is looking up to you how would she feel if you are divorced now even before one year? Divorce is not an option negotiate for him to sponsor a petty business for you to replace your job to make you an independent woman.’

“He wants me to be a stay at home mom and I don’t want that.”

Maama Harriet
“I cannot tell you divorce your marriage you are a wife keep talking to him to change his mind; he cannot solve all your problems your father was a progressive man when he stopped my going to work he opens a petty business for me for self- empowerment and it became a win-win when he was unable I always bail him out. I hope and pray your husband would come to his senses. Go home and comply for now to keep the peace.”
To be Cont.    

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