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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 562 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender Based Violence)


Barrister Abigail was the first to address the Court;
“My Lady imagine this poor woman who society terms barren married to the love of her life for 10 good years but cannot conceive why? Because she married this sadist of a husband their love making was a hell he has to inflict pain on her until she bled just like seeing her period and he will not stop until he made her cry then he felt satisfaction and insult her; his own words on tape;
“where is your pride Mrs. Activist? Physician heal yourself! You help women victims and survivors fight their cases at the courts an irony why can’t you take me to court? I am deliberately assaulting you and there is nothing you can do about it.’ His exact words on tape.
   The Court will want to know why Activists who women look up to cannot fight their own cases? The answer is very simple society conditions them; they will be mocked at if expose also women survivors will feel hopeless. They condone abuse from their husbands by the Culture of Silence until dooms day or react in a violent way someday like Sally’ case she was pushed to the wall.

Outside negative Influences
In Sally’ case her mother in law Maama Debi listen to her on tape;
“she deserves to be raped Solomon asked her to quit the marriage he was no longer interested but she refused to let my son go just like Moses with the Egyptians’ Pharaoh what was he to do?”
   She presented another tape of Maama Debi;
   ‘My son will marry another wife my biological niece he was sponsoring her at school she has now completed Grade 12 and has been admitted at the College being trained as a teacher my son will marry her soon; I want to hold my grandson before I joined my ancestors. Good riddance to bad rubbish how I despise this Sally of a woman! I did not want Solomon to marry her but he defied me on the basis of love; has the love make her fruitful? She must have committed numerous abortions to make her barren.’

The Hopelessness
“Just imagine this desperate woman insulted and despised by Maama Debi, called all sorts of names to receive such good news that what she was expecting and prayed for all these years has been achieved? She was full of ecstasy!” 
  ‘At long last I am going to be a mother! Solomon will be thrilled as well there will be no need for Maama to force a wife on him.”
   That was what she expected but what was Solomon’ response;
   “On record; ‘Are you not a horse? Why the excitement? Happy about a rape child? I am not interested it is abnormal abort it and let us do it the right way I am ashamed of myself if you don’t I’ll feel guilty calling him/her my child.’

Her Reaction
“Is that your reaction? You are a man society does not chide you but as for me I bore all sorts of insults from your family especially your mom on the verge of marrying a wife for you as a Maama’ boy you are weak towards her sooner or later you’ll marry your cousin how can I fit in that equation? Monkey work Baboon eats? No way! A child is a child  I’ll give birth to my child and I’ll love the child very well and I’ll will all I have to the child do whatever  you like with yourself I don’t care.’

My client was very emotional as she wept bitterly.’

Next Drastic Action
 “According to my client Solomon dragged her as usual laid her on the bed  and raped her so violently with hatred that he aborted her baby afterwards he ordered her to clear her mess;
‘Get up and go and clear your mess!”
She noticed lumps of dark clots coming from her private then she screamed and said;
‘the worst has happened to me I’ve lost my baby; I hate you Solomon! I hate you! Strange thought of revenge entered my mind I walked towards the shower room and heard him singing and mocking at me;
‘what’s wrong with women? How can this fool be happy with a rape child? I can never father such a child I cannot give the child any love instead it spell my guilt any time I see him/her this was my only option plush it now or never!’ hearing this sadist I rushed to get the fruit knife and stabbed him to death he has no right to live after killing my child.’

She was legally insane
At that material time she was helpless and out of her mind; she cannot think straight; therefore my Lady I am pleading for the Court to free her circumstances force her do what she did. I now rest my case.”
To be Cont.     

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