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Seyii Tolof –Tolof Part 553 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender-Based-Violence)


He paid his nieces a visit at their Aunty’ House, they were thrilled to see Uncle Sang at so long a time.

The Girls
“Uncle Sang so long a time! What’s up?” They asked.

Uncle Sang
“I am very happy that you’ve adopted.” He turned to Aunty Penda and shed emotional tears.

Aunty Penda
She also could not hold her tears;
“Please don’t do that we are coping that’ what Bea would like us to do she was such a nice soul God is merciful and gracious we will hold on and continue where she stopped until we meet again.”

The Girls
They acted with maturity;
“If you adults cry what do you expect from us kids? Mom is an angel waiting for us in the heavens we want to meet her later I saw her in my dreams beautifully dress in white robes she ask us to fulfill her dream for us to become professionals in our field of study to help humankind especially the weak and vulnerable we will succeed we will never betray her wish for us. Wipe your tears be very strong for us.”

Aunty Penda
“Thank you girls we will not cry again.”

Uncle Sang
“Your dad has been charged First Degree Murder he will be appearing at Court No Two I’ll be there would you be coming with me?”

The Girls
“Categorically no will be there only if the Court asks us.”

Uncle Sang
“But be just cautious don’t despise him he is your dad learn from his mistake not to hate that was his biggest weakness. Your grandfather our dad was a bully a rolling stone wherever he rolls was his home we were the only children he got in wedlock all the other 6 kids were born of different women my mom was the only woman he wed afterwards it was one co-habitation and another. Women refused to marry him because of abuse your dad hated him with passion but did not learn anything not to repeat his lifestyle but as for you be his opposite don’t hate men not all of us are the same; your mom emphasized that to me; am I the same with your dad?” They nod their head Uncle Sang continued;
“That is life we are different fight for your right and be very firm about it let no man/woman make you a punching bag. Your father is also a survivor of abuse from our father; one day he almost shot at him with a licensed gun when your dad defied him since then they fell apart never to be united up to death. He used to pity my mom and got involve in their contradiction the main problem between the two used to be women dad cannot pass any woman in trousers or wrapper and mom cannot take it but when Bully marry Beatrice and issue after issue was a girl child he became mad he became feudal and primitive so patriarchal that he want to marry another woman to give him at least one male issue when  that cannot happen then suddenly Beatrice became pregnant unknown to him then she aborted and he learnt that foetus was the male child he was expecting that increased the hatred I saw it in his eyes and warned Beatrice to take flight but she cannot then she became his victim. As girls know your partner before you tie the knot who are you marrying? Know his/her value system. Let love not be blind to reality don’t marry for wealth, beauty or class influence marry for value, character and build your relationship, your matrimonial home.”

The Girls
“Thank you Uncle Sang well noted we shall always remember your counseling.”

At the Prisons
This is the first time since that fateful incident when Sang visited his brother and he was very surprise to see him;

“I am very surprised to see you, you were the last person I expected to see why are you here to come and mock at me?”

Uncle Sang
“Not at all are you provoking me to insult you? You’ll be surprised I’ll not we are of the same blood but very different in outlook didn’t I warn you beforehand? This is the outcome I’ve seen, your anger is your big weakness pushing your wife was not your intention but your outburst did what you don’t want; learn from your mistake repent and be a better person is my candid advice.”

He wept and regretted his action;
“Thank you my little brother I was a big fool I mess up my family how are my girls? I was neither there for them nor my wife I owe them a big apology I only pray they’ll have the big heart to forgive for taking away their virtuous mom and my noble wife. Ask them to forgive me I was a big loser they are   the winners.” He hugged Sang and they wept together to shed out their sorrow and loss.

The Prison Attendant
He was touched and allowed them sometime to express themselves.
“Gentlemen time is up.” He said with politeness.
To be Cont.

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