`Psychological Torture
Sally met her two friends Beatrice and Penda at their Space Corner;
“He gave me an ultimatum.”

“Can we share it?”

“My Job or my Work!  I am in a dilemma what am I going to do? If I choose my work I lose my husband If I choose Marriage I lose Empowerment.”

“The choice is for you to make see what suits you at the moment but remember if you stop work for marriage you lose your empowerment and increases your vulnerability.”

Aunty Deborah
“This is my space I’ll scatter their house just see me play my game I’ll chuck her out and bring my groomed niece in. She is a ‘man’ she cannot give him child/children and she’ll not leave ‘Teng-Teng luum raye-raye teng-teng dopaco’ (however big a winnowing tray there is a bigger one to cover it.’ Am I not Aunty Devil we shall see how the game ends? I enjoy playing it and I am always the winner.”

At Home
She came from work and Maama looked at her watch and exclaimed;
“This is the time you are coming from work? What am I going to eat? What is your use here? You are a ‘man’ like my son you can neither give him a child nor allow him marry a woman of his choice but that is a lie I’ve come from the village to break your evil spell just see me do it right in front of your very eyes evil orphan that’ why you lost your parents at a very young age.”

She exploded;
“Evil woman! What have I done to you? I hold you as my own mother and have done everything to make you happy am I God to give children? God’ time is the best and I am waiting for that I am not going to kill myself because I did not have a child. As for the cooking you rejected my food and it is fine by me as for the house your son contributed equally as me and in divorce it will be shared among us as for my job you have poisoned my husband against me but I’ll device means to work from my home there are many ways to catch a rat. You make yourself my mate can you marry your son? Do you want to commit incense? Go ahead you can do anything.”

Aunty Deborah
She kept quiet until she heard Solomon’ car drove into the internal garage and she yelled;
“She is fighting me and throwing dirty insults at my personality, I’ll leave early tomorrow morning you said it is your house I’ll leave before you poison me.” She sobbed bitterly to agitate Solomon who came rushing to take action.

“Mother! Mother! What is happening to you? Why are you packing your luggage?”

Aunty Devil
“Your wife insulted and asked me out of your house I am a freeborn I am leaving early tomorrow morning I also have a spacious home in the village where you have grown up.”
   She continued to sob bitterly;
“Prove to me that you are in charge until tomorrow sally has defied your order she came home late still her job is more precious than her marriage show her you are the man of the house her husband not the other way round.”

He became agitated and rushed to Sally’ room;
“Sally! Sally! Daughter of a bitch where are you?”

She was at the bathroom she rushed when she heard Solomon aggressively shouting her name;
“Sweetie I am here what is it?”
She came out of the bathroom towel wrapped around her waist.

The Abuse
Before she comprehended anything Solomon landed a nasty slap at her cheeks repeatedly;
“What have I done to you why are you hitting me?”

He repeated the insults and pounded at her as a hungry lion he forcefully took off her towel making her naked then he pushed her violently at the bed and raped her violently until she bleeds then he glee.

She pushed him away when he was done and cried bitterly,
“You are hurting me I am bruised all over inside me rapist and sadist God will punish you for always violating me when we have problem.”

“That’ what you deserve rape you are an Activist heal yourself, fight for your right you cannot do anything do you know why? Because of Society you’ll be mocked at if you divorce me but as for me I am free to torture you severely  and you’ll bear it in silence. Stop work and take care of my house and never be rude to my mother again she is my Maama and she is always right you don’t know the value of a mother you are an orphan and also a barren woman. Go back to the bathroom and clean your mess.”

She just watched him insult, assault and abuse her sobbing in silence.

“You are very wicked you refuse to divorce me because of society you see what you have done to me you have turned me into a sadist and a rapist. God forgive my evil acts.”

Aunty Deborah
She was eavesdropping and heard and seen everything;
“My Act has work she will be so tortured that she’ll soon be seen packing and fleeing.”
Before Solomon came out from Sally’ room she rushed to her guest room.
To be Cont.

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