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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 34 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie SillahNeneh and Ken Ken dropped her at the saloon and met Dor at the gate. After exchanging greetings Dor asked; “How was your trip, I hope you have brought me something special?”Ken    He smiled and responded; “What I brought will be sufficient for everyone I believe.” The couple kissed and Ken drove away. “Buy us chocolate and ice cream!” Neneh shouted after her husband.Dor She made up stories to win Neneh’s heart. “My mother is admitted at the hospital but everything has to wait until your hair is done.”Neneh “No! No! Go and attend to your mother first, my hair can wait or better still your girls can attend to it.”Dor “Neneh! My words are final, mommy will not die. I have already spoken to her and told her that I’ll be late today and she agreed. Sit down let me make your hair, you are my VIP guest.” She also asked Awa to bring two chilled glasses of home made juice.At Home As the couple got to bed Ken raised the issue. “How did Dor know about my trip to China?”Neneh She became defensive; “She got to know through a casual conversation as you know Aunty Dor is my good friend and a nice aunty, she is kind and means no harm.”Ken “All the same I am not comfortable for you to discuss about our family to any one outside your mom and brother, it is a complicated society where people gossip a lot and anything known about you good or bad can be used against you in the future, just be very careful is my wise counselling.”Neneh “Relax sunshine! Aunty Neneh is a family friend who means no harm. She struggles to feed her family and we give her great assistance which she would not forego in a while, she watches our back as we watch hers. Dor is harmless I know what I am doing.”Ken “I hope so but all the same be very careful!” He kissed her forehead.At Mbissine’s Shop Neneh visited and found the trio. She showed them her e-shopping worth $500.Neneh “It is far cheaper had I wanted to buy them from designers here. Ken also brought along 30 inches long Bra Hair. I’ve brought in some ‘doe’ let us go out and celebrate life, success!” The trio is mesmerized. “Ken is the guy!” They shouted in unison. Mam Mbissine described some famous places but Neneh objected. “As married women we cannot visit such places, it is obscene. Why can’t we go to places were decency reigns and people will not shun or raise eye brows?” The trio eye-communicated and smiled.Mam Mbissine “We are your guests take us anywhere that you feel comfortable.” The others concurred.Neneh “Let us visit our favourite resort camp where my husband treats me most of the time, Nelly’s Family Resort Camp. It serves fresh fish grilled over firewood you choose your fresh fish from the pond and ask for pepper soup or to be grilled according to your choice.” They visited the place, ate fresh fish with fresh garden veges with fresh home made juices and also took ‘takeaways’ for their families as they claimed.Mbissine’s Home She brought pepper soup home and gave some to her sister Degane who enjoyed the delicacy. Big Ben saw them and came for his share, he took a plate and asked for his share but Mam pushed him away. “Get out from here; can you afford a decent meal for your wife? Wait until I am done and you can eat the leftover.”Big Ben “This is not fair at all Oh! I do all the housework and you refuse me decent food, should I eat leftovers when you gave your little sister her share? What am I to you? Am I not your husband?”Mam “I’ve lost my appetite, don’t make me explode, a husband who cannot fend for his family is not man enough, can you afford a decent meal for your family? The leftover is what you deserve and moreover, can you compare my little sister with yourself, she contributes to the table but for you what do you contribute? I gave you the housework as your contribution when I bring food to the table. Please leave the sleeping dog to lie.”Big Ben “Where is the money I brought from abroad? Didn’t you lure me to invest into your business? My family and friends warned me but I refused to hear now I am reaping my stubbornness in believing love is blind. I regretted ever meeting and falling in love with you. When I have the means I was your ‘dear husband’ now that you made me a vegetable. I am nothing, you made me family less and friendless. I have now been trapped into your misery.”Mam “Stop lamenting! The choice is yours, the past is gone start to live in the present, I can sponsor a ‘back way’ trip, and a man without money has no say in his family period!” Ben felt betrayed by his ‘dear wife’ as he wept bitterly.At Neneh’s House The trio paid her a visit to show their appreciation. “You made our day; our husbands and children ate from it and were very appreciative.”Neneh “That is fine and I am very happy that your family did appreciate, it is a nice and decent place better than morally questionable places where society raises eyebrows especially when married women are seen. My husband likes the place and we visit it every weekend as we are patrons. Feel comfortable; what do you want to drink?” They opted for different chilled home made juices.Ken He came and greeted and welcomed their guests. “Welcome to our humble abode, feel free. I am very tired from work and will retire to my room.” He turned to Neneh and said; “Take care of your aunties.” He then climbed the stairs into his room.The Trio “Ken is an angel, a dream man of women. Neneh you are lucky, take good care of Ken. He is a gentle man, handsome, rich and well mannered.”Neneh “Take you! Say it again, Ken is my crown and we adorn each other, my mother calls him my son and not a son-in-law. What he does for her is more than what a son does for his mother. That’s why Ken does no wrong in my mother’s eyes.”To be Cont.   ]]>

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