Friday, July 19, 2019

Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 29 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Baa sprang from his seat and stooped before Jaha and held her feet. “Traditionally, it is a taboo in African society for a husband to stoop before his wife, but I have to break with tradition to show how sorry I am,” he told Jaha.Jaha “Seeing is believing,he has to make positive efforts for me to believe him. Moreover, Papa is badly hurt we have to visit him for his opinion on the matter.” Baa is worried that he will be rejected and has no choice but to succumb. At Papa’s Residence He was angry when he saw Baa but has to restrain himself because of diplomacy. The delegation explained its mission and Papa answered. Papa “Tradition and religion made me to accept you within my home but definitely Baa, this rascal is not welcomed. I accept this celebrated fool into my home to please my naïve daughter, but I always have my doubts and in the end history has absolved me.  Equals with equals I gave him chance to make it in life but he threw it away, he is no good, a failure in life and I have nothing to do with him. My daughter will marry her class and not a gold digger; thank God no issue/issues are to be considered.” Uncle Sogi He tactically spoke to papa and asked him to be careful. “We the elders should punish our children but not reject them in tutu. Ask for your daughter’s opinion and don’t take decision for her; everyone needs a second chance and if our son confesses for his sins and asks to be given a second chance, I think we should do it. We should not put asunder what God has put together. Excuse me and forgive my words if it hurts.” Jaha She shook her head in support of Uncle Sogi’s reasoning.  Papa saw her gestures and confronted her. Papa He asked for Jaha’s opinion. “My daughter, let us learn and explain to the peace mediators what this urchin did to you.” Jaha She stooped down before her Papa and held his feet and begged him to temper justice with mercy. “Papa! He is my husband and I still love him, let me give him a second chance, daddy! Consider our genuine love before he went astray, I believe him, he has changed, let us give him a second chance. What God has put together let no man put asunder!” The delegation nodded their heads in approval and this enraged Papa who scolded his daughter’s betrayal as he supported her interest. Papa He is enraged. “Has the urchin charmed you? After all the insults and humiliation! Am I the one who is putting asunder what God has put together? We shall see who rules in this family!” Baa stooped down next to his wife and held Papa’s foot, he was overwhelmed as everyone added their voices and pleaded for mercy. The duo shed emotional tears which made Papa helpless. Reconciliation Papa was held speechless for minutes before he finally spoke. He laid down his commandments and asked his personal secretary to take down notes and promised to give copies to all the mediators, including Baa and Jaha. Commandments No battering or any form of violence in the home, if he does he will be prosecuted and the marriage will be annulled. The finances of the couple will be managed by Jaha who has been proven to be more reliable, efficient and effective; The properties’ are put in the name/s of the issue/issues emanating from the union; mother is only a trustee until the child/children have come of age; Jaha’s properties remained in her name. Papa with these measures ensured, Baa never again squandered family resources on frivolities. He was not happy but did he have a choice? The family lawyer was invited and she put it in legal language. Burang was very happy and alone he danced and said; “Right decision Papa, you are right what you have helped administer is your hard earned money.” Jeggan He came for legal action and both husband and wife were summoned in civil court and charged. The plaintiff was claiming for damages and the cost of the plastic surgery. The prosecution promised to take Baker’s wife to court for criminal trespass causing actual bodily harm. End of Second Story.]]>

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