By Amie Sillah Alhassan He made a breakthrough and got Jonsi to think positive and gave Burang a second chance which she did. Taaka Jaybale (two in one ceremony)The duo got reconciled and decided to do the ‘Taaka Jaybale’ a modest one. They did and were joined in the celebration by neighbours, friends, family and loved ones. Joined at Last The duo got back together in a second chance relationship which waxed stronger than the first one. Alhassan and Bysenty visited them. Bysenty relocated to his house. Alhassan “At long last, what God has put together let no man put asunder! The two of you are meant for each other and society has to help you live a healthy marriage life.” Burang “I am overwhelmed, you have done what an elder sibling should do for his younger one, and I am very grateful for that. Jonsi holds you in high esteem, that is why I concluded it would be a ‘yes’ if you mediate, and I was not wrong.” Jonsi “When I saw him, I melted and could not say ‘no,’ he is my role model husband. He does not only advocate for healthy marriage, but it is also his lived reality, a loving husband and dedicated father to his children.” He thanked his host, lunched with them and went home. Baa He visited Alhassan who promised to mediate between the siblings as a family friend. Baa stayed with him and at the weekend they visited Burang and Jonsi who treated them with a delicacy and great hospitality. He broke down in emotional tears. “I was a selfish elder sibling; I broke up a blissful relationship because of selfishness and opportunism. He has married a responsible woman but my selfishness and recklessness estranged my wife and father in- law who did everything for me to climb the success ladder, but I faltered and tarried downstream. You are a home maker Jonsi, orderly, neat and organized and that’s what a man needs in a woman. That is why my brother never accepted the ‘rich wife’ whom I literally forced down his throat, but he later regurgitated it. Your story taught me that true love can never die, although it can suffer setbacks for a while. Forgive me both of you and give me a second chance to know you better and learn from your experience to rebuild my broken life.” Family Reconciliation Alhassan again took centre stage and reconciled the family. There were emotional tears and prayers for peace, progress and prosperity for individuals, family and nation. Baa relocated to Burang’s house and they lived a happy, big family life. His elder brother now works as an Accountant at the branch where Bysenty is Branch Manager. Baa is a fast learner and adapt easily; he humbled himself and has learned greatly from his personal experience. He hoped and prayed that he would one day be forgiven by his estranged wife Jaha, and they continued to be man and wife in a positive environment. Diborr She was admitted into ICU and when she came out of comasat, next to her bed was her best pal Aisha who empathized with her. She spoke in whispers and Aisha asked her not to say a word. Aisha “I’ll not condemn you now but will pray for you, and when you fully recover we will have a frank conversation.” She phoned Mama and Papa and reported to them what had transpired. They were shocked with disbelief as Mama spoke hard to her husband. Mama. “You have seen how you have ruined your daughter’s life all in the name of over protection. You encouraged her to humiliate her husband and in the end she lost him to a more responsible woman, his former fiancée; and they are now happily married. She was boastful of her academic qualifications but had such degrees given her a productive and responsible existence?” Mama was enraged as she heaped angry invectives upon her husband. Jeggan “Let us stop the blame game and see how best to rehabilitate our only sister, our last sibling, ‘chaat’. She has to be brought to the U.K for plastic surgery and meanwhile that criminal, lousy wife should be brought to book. Why should she attack her husband’s mistress with acid? That is very callous and criminal. She will be prosecuted. I am going back home to bring my sister and execute a law suit against her and her useless flirtatious husband. Diborr She got better but needs plastic surgery to redo her face. She was lucky that her eyes were not affected. In Soliloquy She looked into the mirror and chidedherself. “Look at me at square one! What have my degrees and high horse attitude given me? If I was a bit tactical and humble, I would not have lost my ‘husband.’ Burang is dignified and therefore unable to foot my excesses. Mama helped to humble me but Papa pampered my nonsense. Look at me, where is the beauty? Where are Baker and all those ‘small- small boys’ I was flirting with? I am here alone and frightened with no one to take care of me, and for now myself and family will foot the bill.” She cried in self pity and blamed her past follies. Her brother, Jegs, came and flew her away accompanied by her best pal Aisha Marie. Advice to make Peace with Wife “You have to make peace with your wife, she is a noble woman, she loves you and has protected you from her father’s assaults and taunts in the past,” Burang advised. Baa He reflected and asked: “Will she accept me again after all the abuse I meted out on her?” Burang “True love, it is said, can never die; look at Jonsi and I. Jaha loves you, if you genuinely ask for forgiveness and repent, she will give you a second chance. Try and see our uncle at the village, the one at the city, Bysenty and I will accompany you to Jaha then to her father.” Diborr She did the surgery and it was successful. She decided to stay in U.K and did some consultancy. Her experience taught her common sense and she decided to live a responsible life. She thanked her best pal Aisha. “You are a true friend; you and Mama never deceived me but Papa was liberal and tolerated my excesses which led to my downfall. Thank God my eyes are now open and I’ll live a responsible life.” Aisha “I am delighted will not use any harsh words on you. Your personal experience has said it all. Let us thank God you’ve come out of it alive.” The Peace Mission A delegation, led by Uncle Sogi, first went to Jaha who welcomed them with maturity and respect as they told her their mission. Jaha She thanked Uncle Sogi and the rest for their as peace mediators. She narrated the humiliation, insults and abuse that she went through at the hands of her estranged husband. Jaha “My only crime was the genuine love I gave to this celebrated fool and nonentity. He ridiculed me and my family in the midst of our peers. I married him outside my class brackets and thought he would prove himself and absolve my judgment, but instead he made me an object of pity. You have spoken well but I want a sincere apology from the man I gave my life and my heart, before I consider any decision on the matter.” Baa He sprang from his seat and stooped before his wife.]]>

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