She distrusted Ify but Abiyose (Abisatou) came to her aid and defended her integrity.

“This lady has tried her best what else do you want her to do? Kill herself for our family? I am a living witness; many a times she would buy provisions for our parents but paid spies at the village would inform my brother who will shamelessly escort his wife to the village and retrieve every item given; what sort of a devilish son is this? Ask for forgiveness in slandering a peaceful, innocent soul; my devilish brother has just laid an embargo on my tuition and allowances for providing some needs for our parents from the money he gave me; what about that? Is Ify responsible?”

“What you said about your brother being a cultist has some credibility, am sorry oh! Am sorry Ifisini, and I’ll pass the word far and wide that you have nothing to do with this madness.”
“You better do, many people are guilty of such accusation, it is not all the time the wife, sometimes it can be someone else’s wife who is all the time stereotyped,” Abi posited.
“My whole body is heavy something is not well at home moreover, my dad was not feeling well for a while. I have to go home, phone cannot solve my problem.”

At the Farm
 Dad got dizzy and fell as neighbours dragged him home.
Mom scolded him.
“Do you want your people to kill me? I’ll not forgive you if ever you go back to the farm; I have some little money for doing some odd jobs for villagers which I can used to hire youth labour to do such little things for us.”
She got some herbs and cooks some leafy delicacies which wetted Dad’s appetite he ate and got better.

By coincidence Ify called to enquire about Dad;
“I was about to call your husband to tell him that Dad was sick that he fell at the farm but is now recuperating.”

I’ll be sending some provisions and money for medicine through a courier and my husband would not know I’ve sent it; we have to go around things to get it done.”
Mom thanked her daughter and praised her courage as she prayed for her wellbeing.
“It is my son who is the devil you have given us solidarity to the best of your ability and we are grateful and praying for you.”

The Courier
He came from a neighbouring village and has to ask a resident where to find Dad and Mom. He was shown and he gave them a lot of provisions to last them for a month and also gave them some cash to buy medicine.

She came home delighted at a mission accomplished. But as soon as she entered the compound Bangs confronted her;
“Why are you always finding pleasure in taunting my orders?”
“What do you mean? What have I done this time around? What are you accusing me off?” She asked.

“Why did you gave them provisions and my hard earned money? Why did you do it?”
“I did not do anything wrong; all what I’ve done is right in the eyes of people and God and I’ll do it over and over again until you come back to your senses. I was just trying to assist when I learnt that Dad was severely sick until he felt dizzy and fell at the farm.”

“Mother Christmas! Who ask for your help?”

“I did it now do your worst!” He asked her to follow him to the village to retrieve the items but she refused;
“I was a fool to be following every time you became crazy but not anymore, go yourself and retrieve them and asked your spineless spies to help you but not me.”

“I’ll go to the village and retrieve everything you have given using my hard earned money. Then quantify it and will starve you of money until everything is paid for,” he threatened.

“It is a joke you cannot and will not do that! They are my in -laws and I’ll not allow them to starve.”
“See me do it stubborn brat! Your in laws you’ve said but they are my parents! Mind your business and save your stupid life!”


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