At the Village
Two villagers Hoyan and Nyalling were gossiping about Mom’ family.
“Didn’t you hear?” Nyalling told Hoyan.
“Hear what?” Hoyan asked.   “That Dad has been unceremoniously driven out of the clinic because of deposit payment.”
“That is disgraceful especially when his son is sponsoring a host of projects in the village; what sort of a son is this that your wealth is a disgrace for your family? It is an irony which Bangs only can resolve,” Hoyan posited.
“This is not normal can’t you see it? He must be under the spell of his wife who I’ve heard diverted all his funds to her parents, I am also told Bangs built an exotic duplet for his parents-in-law while his own life is in abject poverty and penury.” Nyalling posited.
“I am happy that I have four girls and a lone boy; I pity women with only or more boy children; daughter-in-laws if they are wicked will estrange you from your son but the daughters always think of their parents first,” Hoyan posited.
“Not only his wife but I’ve heard Bangs is also a ritualist that if his parents should eat from his money he will die, that is why rumour has it that he gave them pittance through Dad’s friends to ensure he remains poor but will have little to live on,” Nyalling posited.

The two Friends
Jaha visited Nyonkoling at her Fashion Boutique while they were chattering away Ify came to visit her friend.
“Luu wanha Diindoh Noor?” (Why is the Blister beetle wandering during the dry season?) Nyongs asked as Jaha concurred.

She apologized to her friends as she exposed her husband;
“I am very sorry to have brushed up your criticisms of my irresponsible husband; I was making it up for him but not any more, Bangaly is irresponsible and hard hearted I don’t know what his parents did but I don’t care the worst they would have done is to kill him but they didn’t; why couldn’t he forgive them? Bangs’ father was expelled from the clinic for lack of deposit payment could you imagine? His mom visited us in the city and he asked her to leave but I insisted that she stayed he took out gun for us then I threatened to go along with her mom and he remained adamant and asked me to suit myself I came along with Mom and she is deposited at the village while I visited you for a favour.” She paused.
“What favour is it? Go ahead; what are friends for?” Nyongs posited.
“Can you lend me D100, 000 until I received my allowance from him?”
She scratched her head and said;
“That would be a problem right now, had you come earlier before I deposited money to the bank I would have done so but now I don’t have the sum you are asking for.”
“What do you have, anything is better than nothing?”
“I can give you D90, 000 for now and rest until next week.”
She jumped and hugged her;
“That is perfect before then I would have received my allowance.” She kissed her and took the cheque to be cashed.

At the Village
Jaha leave her with her car to ease transactions. She went to the village collected Dad and rushed him back to the clinic for him to be readmitted.

The Nurses
They scolded Mom before they saw Ify came out of the car.
“You are very stubborn old lady, why are you here? Where you not the one we sent home for lack of deposit payment?”
Mom talked back to them in harsh terms calling them names.
“Are you not stupid? Don’t you know that nothing is static? My daughter in law is here to settle all bills.”

She asked what the problem was and Mom explained the rudeness she was subjected to by the ‘foolish nurses’ as she called them.
“What is the problem? He is my father in law and I’ve come to settle all his bills.”
Mom bad eyed them as they subdued themselves in front of the class figure.
“Nothing is the problem.” They called the security and commanded them to readmit Dad at the ward he was taken from which was done with immediacy. Then Ify asked for the Doctor’ office where she was shown as Mom accompanied Dad to the ward to ensure he was comfortable.

At the Doctor’ Office
She was treated as a Queen as she enquired about the payments.
“Mom told me Dad has to pay a deposit of D30, 000 before treatment commencement?” Doctor concurred.
“Here is the deposit of D30, 000 and another D30, 000 for any additional expenditure while I go and raise fund for any additional expenditure, let him stay the duration until he is fully recovered and I’ll pay.” She then gave him her card to be called at any time.

At the ward
Ify went to reassure them that she has paid for the deposit;
As she hugged her she said;
“Mom, I have paid for the D30, 000 deposit and leave them an additional D30, 000 for any incidental expenses; he’ll be okay and the unfortunate incident will never reoccur again.
 Mom cried bitterly and Ify consoled her;
She also shed emotional tears.
“Don’t cry Mom I am your daughter if you cry I’ll also cry; I am here to wipe your tears forgot about that foolish man you call your son.”

 “You are not my daughter in law but my first daughter, what would we have done without your intervention you are God sent and Allah will protect you for us.”
Ify gave her D10, 000 to buy or cook anything for Dad and herself she then promised to go and buy provision for them.

At the City
His two friends Che and Bysenty scolded him;
“What is your problem and why are you stubborn about making peace with your parents? What have they done to you that you cannot find it in your heart to forgive them? We are your school friends and mean well for you and your family; make hay while the sun shines.” Chebaa said as Bysenty concurred.
“Where is your wife?” Chebaa asked.
“I don’t see her!” Bangs replied.
“Are you kidding me? Are you not living with her anymore?” They asked.
“She left with my mom since yesterday and did not bother to call or check on me and I did the same.” He became defensive.
“So your wife is missing and you are here playing ‘sakara’ (bluff). My friend go and look for your wife and make peace with her Ify is a good, faithful woman.”
He is angry and again walked out on them.

To be Cont.


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