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Seyii Tolof – Part 125 Episode 10 (Difficult Marriages – Saaye Nyaalo)


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BY Amie Sillah

The slim tablets have side effects unknown to Diborr and her friend Mina Mbissine but Njomme opposed it on the grounds that she favoured the natural way as advice by her nutritionist friend Degane who condemns it.

She visited their family doctor for a checkup after being discharged from the clinic. Dr. Njeggan revealed to her that she has aborted an eight weeks old male foetus.
“Impossible I was still seeing my period!”
“You are one of the few examples who do and can be pregnant while breastfeeding locally called ‘neef’ or ‘buru-buru’. That’s why it is always advisable to consult your doctor before taking any kind of pill at child bearing age.”
“I was trying to please him and he does not care whether I live or die Diwane was not there for me at my time of need, I could have died leaving our 5 year old son motherless.” She wept bitterly as doctor consoled her.
“Don’t risk your life for anyone and always seek medical advice before you consume anything.” Dr. Njeggan advised.

She paid her friend a visit and as they were chatting she went into cough convulsion and Leena went for a cup of water, as soon as she made sure she left Njombat opened her bag and took out the sachet of ecstasy powder and sprinkle it into the cup of juice meant for Leena she came back in time and caught her red handed and exclaimed;
“What are you adding to my juice? Jesus! Do you want to poison me to death?” She questioned shaking as a leaf.

The Revelation
“Dummy! Do I want to kill you? No! The ecstasy is meant to agitate your sexual urge to sleep with anything in trousers and if it fails to use instrument into yourself; didn’t you notice whenever you have a drink with me you are on heat; you kill my brother Gheran when he showed you unflinching love, do your academic work for you and you callously confessed that you needed his brain to advance your cause and you didn’t even know that he committed suicide when you jilted him for Dr. Mbaalo, I was on a revenge mission and I got you right into my trap. Let us see how Dr. Mbaalo will continue to love and marry you after knowing that you have slept with his childhood friend Diwane and is still sleeping with him.”

She expressed surprise;
“That love was never meant to be, we were kids and it was kids’ love; how can you avenge on me and make me a sex maniac to sleep with anything in trousers and if that cannot be I insert objects into myself? That is unfair! I hope you’ll not go to the extent of telling my husband and ruining my marriage?”

“I’ll not but sooner than latter your husband would because Diwane cannot leave you now after tasting the ‘sweet poison’ and Dr. Mbaalo will divorce you and you’ll be disgraced and you’ll commit suicide like my brother Gheran. Good riddance to bad rubbish!”  Njombat left enraged.   

The Shock of her life
She reflected on her friend’s betrayal;
“Why me? Why did I fell into the serpent’s trap? I am done! I am done!” She wept bitterly.

He now sees Diwane as a confidante and paid him a visit.
“You look worried, is it still that flirt of a wife?” He nodded his head.
“Do you want her to kill you and make your 9 year old daughter fatherless? Divorce her and be freed once and for all!” He advised.
“I am contemplating to do so I cannot fool myself I distrust her with passion and there is no need for us to continue torturing each other.”
“Now you are talking and always feel free to consult me I am a friend to lean on.” They embraced each other.

 She served them champagne and Mbaalo commented on her beauty.
“You have a nice, cultured wife that’s why you hid her from me but not anymore; she has natural beauty and not putting on all the stuff like masquerade.”
“Do you think so? But she is ‘big’ for my liking.”
“Is she? She is just fine I hope you are not bothering her on weight and being sexy?” Diwane laughed over it and in the process he spilt the champagne upon his shirt and pulled it out and called Diborr to come for it and bring another shirt.

Revelation of the Century
Diwane turned his back to Mbaalo’ view and he exclaimed;
“So it has been you all the time, all this while? This is the tattooed back of the culprit ravishing my wife on our matrimonial bed that fateful day; Judas Iscariot! You stabbed our Lord at his back and pretended to love him? You stabbed me at my back and pretended to love me, that’s why you always encourage me to divorce my wife for you to marry and continue where you’ve started? You can have her because I’ll now divorce her after finding the culprit accomplice! Good riddance to bad rubbish!” He bombarded him to rubbish and nonsense amidst excuses to defend himself.

“Lower your voice; it is not as you think I never knew she was your wife, she never put on a wedding ring and she gave me the impression that she was single, I  knew lately that she is your wife when I paid you a visit. I am very sorry I seize to sleep with her from henceforth just keep the secret I do not want my wife to hear of it.”

“You liar and a cheat you continue your dirty game even after knowing she is my wife, it was ‘sweet poison’ you could not desist from, take her now she is all yours, I refused sleeping with her since I caught both of you ravishing each other on our matrimonial bed, I wanted to know the co-conspirator but God be praised you are revealed; I ceased to be your friend from hence forth; in your own mouth you said you would have caused double murders I would not as both of you are not worth the salt!” Mbaalo banged the table and left enraged.

She stood at the door with the shirt that Diwane requested for eavesdropped and heard it all.
As Mbaalo rushed out she entered the sitting room and exclaimed;
“That’s it! Judas Iscariot as your friend rightly described you how could you slept with your childhood friend’s wife? You bugged and enticed me to go on the slim just to please you, our two months male foetus was aborted, I was all alone in the house when you were out there ravishing another man’s wife either in their bedroom when the husband was out or in a hotel room; I am leaving you for good with our 5 year old son, I am out of here and going to a place where you’ll not easily find us, good riddance to bad rubbish her husband has left her for you and I have also done the same, you are two of kind find solace in each other adulterer/adulteress!”
She packed her luggage while Diwane knelt on the floor begging her to stay.
“I mess up don’t slim again you are natural and perfect for me; you are a virtuous woman I love you and would forever be faithful to you just give me a second chance.” He wept.
“Two of a kind her husband will divorce her I have also divorced you and will pay everything you put on my head, good riddance to bad rubbish!” She kicked him from her path took a cab and left for good.

She was shattered and torn as she wept bitterly;
“I have made my bed so I have to lay on it!”

He drove swiftly to his home and addressed his estranged wife;
“How could you sex maniac? How could you sleep with my childhood friend on our matrimonial bed? I saw you on that fateful day and since then I never touched you again; I don’t want to be infected my dilemma was to find out the culprit before I would decide what to do with our relationship.”

“I’ll accept any verdict laid down upon me but let me explain myself; Njombat was responsible for my wild behavior she was on a revenge mission accusing me of jilting her kid brother by marrying you and out of jealousy he committed suicide, Njombat adds ecstasy powder anytime we have drink together which put me on heat to sleep with anything in trousers and if I did not I insert objects into myself; I am very sorry I never meant to be this awful but as it is said I’ll carry my cross and face the consequences this confession is not a made up you can ask Njombat when I am gone; am sorry and good bye!”
“Get out of my home! Our life! Go to Diwane and continue what you have started!”
Mbaalo wept bitterly as he held their daughter to his chest in an emotional outburst.
Diborr travelled with their son to U.K and decided to stay with her mother who is a British citizen and work there as well.
Diwane decided to remarry and turned a new leaf.
Leena turned to modeling and decided to remain single for the time being.
Dr. Mbaalo remarried a nurse/midwife at his clinic and continues with his life and Nurse Saftieu becomes a perfect mother to Mbachu and becomes her role model.


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