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Seyii Tolof – Part 118 EPISODE 10 (Difficult Marriages – Saaye Nyaalo)


Amie Sillah

Saaye Nyaalo
Adultery in marriage is very common in present day relationships; it used to be old boys’ game but not anymore some women are arguing ‘tit for tat’ game; but should that be? The game impact differently on women and men, boys’ and girls’.    Also beware of sly, deceitful, wicked friends! Read to find out!

Couple A
Doctor Taal a young promising OBGY (Obstetrics Gynaecologist) married to his school sweetheart Leena Joof who was the Queen of his High School and the couple were blessed with a beautiful daughter Mbachu who is nine years old now. They are a ‘dream family’ highly devoted to each other. But with only one hitch!
“Mbaalo is workaholic there is no quality time with my husband even in bed he answers to an emergency call which sends him off to the clinic!” Leena grumbled. But Mbaalo kissed her forehead and hurriedly left to answer to an emergency call.

Couple B
  Dave Diwane, a Computer Engineer running a small family business is married to Marie Angelic Diborr a Sales Agent and stayed at home mom and their marriage being blessed with a handsome young son Samson Sengaan of five years. Di is a devoted wife who puts her family first to her own development. She was slim when she married her husband but since she delivered and becomes a complete housewife she forgets her looks and her health she eats for leisure and that affected her health and makes her very huge. Diwane is upset with his wife’s weight and keeps criticizing her on everything which also frustrates her all the more. The couple was to attend a wedding but as soon as Di dressed up to go with her husband when he saw her he changed his mind and refused to go with his wife. He charged offensively;
 “Look at that you so big! I cannot go with you, look at me handsome and hooky I need a sexy babe period!”
Di is disappointed as she checked herself with low self-esteem when her husband compared her with other celebrities.
“Stop comparing me with celebrities I am not one Diborr here is a contented house wife if you don’t want to go with your wife it is fine but don’t insult me I’ll go alone.”
Diwane is defensive;
“Who said we should go together to functions? Let’s go alone because Diwane here is not going to any function with a ‘fat pig’.”
Diborr protested;
“You are very wicked! Why do you want to hurt me all the time? What have I done to you but be a good wife? I have sacrificed my life for my family; do you want me kill myself to satisfy your ego?”
“You know what to do; I don’t appreciate a fat woman that’s all!” He left and Di decided not to attend the wedding.

Wife Riot
Mbaalo came very late from the emergency room saving an ‘At Risk’ teenage woman a survivor from FGM procedure both woman and baby survived a Caesarian Section. He is very happy from such success but not his young wife who always grumbles and protests;
“Your profession is first and your family last; look at the time you are coming from the hospital?” She snapped.
“Why didn’t you pick Mbachu from school? I had to from a busy schedule and it was bad the kid crying when all her friends were picked up.”
“What is the big deal? Is this not the first time that the ‘celebrity doctor’ went to collect his kid from school? I am very bored and it is just right that you broke the stereo type and collected our daughter; isn’t it sexy?” Leena mocked her husband.

She wanted to get slim for her husband and not for herself. She went to the Gym and later swimming classes and is happy with herself.

She went to the bar and got drunk to ease her frustration Njombat saw her and came out of the swimming pool and greeted her.

“You have a nice bikini!
“Thank you!”
“Your face looks familiar who are you?” Njoms asked.
“I am Leena Joof!”
She became excited;
“Leena Joof! Yes I can now remember! Where you not the one who got pregnant while at school? What happens? Since the incident I’ve never seen you again you went completely out of sight, out of mind! Did you marry the guy who impregnated you?”
“I marry Mbaalo who later becomes an OBGY Doctor and I never regretted it, blessed with a beautiful daughter Mbachu girl now nine years old.”
“You are very lucky and I am happy for you.” The two women became great friends and forged their relationship right there and then.

A Change in Personality
Leena made a radical change to her image as she wore ‘sexy, see through revealing dress’ and relaxes in their sitting room.

He came into the sitting room embarrassed and shock as he protested;
“What is this? What are you wearing? Are you not behaving as a whore? You are a married woman for God’s sake; you have a daughter who is nine years and is definitely looking up to you as a role model! Sweetie go inside and change your dress your whole body is revealing.” He advised.

“What is your problem? This is beach wear and I am going to the beach I was waiting for you to come with Mbachu girl, Mbaalo I am bored don’t you get it, I am a young mother and wife didn’t you violate me as a teenage? I am no longer that timid little girl you married after violation, I want to be happy and am exactly doing what I should do to amuse myself; I am off to the beach take care of our daughter.” She left the duo who kept wondering what the drastic change was all about.
Mbaalo deeply reflected on what was happening to his wife.

Family A
Diborr amuses self in food until she becomes a food addict and Diwane hated it all the more. She takes lots of cabs and Di protested.
“You have to cut on the cabs, diet yourself you have a glutton appetite, you eat like a pig.” He snapped.
“Do I do anything right? Do you not blame me for everything? I don’t care what you say again, I’ll eat and you’ll not surely make me lose my appetite.” She mocked her husband.
Enraged Di went to work.
To Be Cont.  


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