Sunday, August 18, 2019

Serekunda mosque Road Floods


By Louise Jobe

The Babun Fatty / Serekunda Mosque road has been one of the busiest roads for many years now, and commuters have complained seriously to this medium about the poor condition of the road.

The deplorable state of the road has caused traffic congestion because of the stagnant waters on the dugout holes on the road. Vehicle owners and drivers who ply the road have lamented the damage being caused to their vehicles due to the poor state of the road. This reporter visited the area to seek an interview on the state of affairs of the road.

Mr. Modou Marr a driver who plies this road, attributed the damage caused to his car to the deep holes on the road; that the water from the recent rains created big puddles on the road and there is no option for them than to cruise through, causing water to enter the engine of the Vehicle.

Mr. Alfusainey Bangura also a vehicle owner and resident of the area said the National Road Authority should construct the road a little higher to allow water to flow through a proper drainage system out to the sea or wherever. He challenged the National Road Authority to take up the matter seriously because this is the main road used by ambulances with emergency patients to the Serekunda hospital.

Mr. Kingsley, a Nigerian National and business person, said when it rains, business activity slows down due to the stagnant water and huge puddles as customers will not be able to come into his shop and people cannot pass to go to the Market.

Lamin Sanyang, another business person, expressed similar remarks, and said he had to close his shop and work in the rain to prevent his shop from flooding. Mr. Sanyang lamented that they suffer from the same situation year in and out, without assistance and if there is any, it always comes too late. Mr. Sanyang referred this reporter to the recent maintenance being carried out on the road saying it came at a very late time.

All the women who spoke to this reporter said they have struggle knee deep in water, to be able to go to the market and fend for the family.

The Director of the National Roads Authority, Mr. Momodou Senghore, when contacted said they will fix the problem of the road soon with concrete like they did with other roads. He was however quick to report that the NAM for Serrekunda, Hon. Halifa Sallah, was there to report the problem of the road. Mr. Senghore took the opportunity to apologize to the general public especially the commuters of the Serre Kunda Mosque road, to be patient with them and concluded that the situation will soon be remedied.


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