Friday, February 21, 2020

SeneGambian wrestling derby tomorrow


By Sulayman BahGambian Wrestler Boy Ball will take to the arena tomorrow up Boy Balla right Senegal’s BayeMandiayeagainst BayeMa Ndiaye of Senegal in a much-talked about duel at the Independence Stadium.The combat is organized by prominent Disk Jokey and TV presenter Lamin Champions SoundBaye Ma Ndiaye, a popular up-and-coming wrestler in neighbouring Senegal, will be making his season debut in Gambian soil with Gambia’s Boy Balla his arena opponent.Boy Balla is also a rising starlet in the Gambia arena boasting of four victories, one defeat in five matches. He’s considered one of the finest in the lightweight category in the county with a huge following.On paper, BayeMa Ndiay carries the favourite tagging but in Boy Ball –whom he knows little about – he could be in for delirious surprise, according to pundits.The event is scheduled for October 25th to be witnessed by deposed Senegalese King of Arena dubbed the Lion of Guediwaye, Balla Gaye and Ama Balde with singer AssanNdiaye to stage a live band performance.The last time a Senegalese wrestler contested against a Gambian counterpart was in 2012 when Karrtus of Dakar sent Africain Nouha packing on medical decision. ]]>

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