Abdoulai G.Dibba

Information received by this medium has it that the borders between the Gambia and Senegal are being closed at certain times.

Upon receiving the information, this reporter contacted the following border posts: Amdallai/Karang, Kerr Ali\ Kerr Ayib, Giboro\ Selliti and Soma\Senoba to determine the veracity or otherwise of the information.

However, the information from all the borders has it that Senegal has employed a border control mechanism whereby the borders are closed from 1900 hours to 0700hours.

A Senegalese border authority at one of the borders informed this reporter that the movement of people from Gambia to Senegal nowadays is alarming and as such they are authorised to close the borders at 1900 hours and open them at 0700hours to ensure proper screening.

‘The borders are not closed, this is just to ensure proper screening’ stated the Senegalese border authority.

A Gambian border authority asserted that the Gambia has not closed their side but he said ‘since it is a two way thing, if one side closed the other side will not operate’.

‘That is the situation but we have not closed our side’ stated the Gambian border authority.


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