The Macky Sall administration has seen the need to convene a national conference comprising all the political leaders, religious leaders, civic leaders and academia to express their opinion on the way forward after a referendum to amend the constitution of the Senegalese republic.

The conference was covered by the national media and each representative was allocated time to interrogate the mode of governance in Senegal and the way forward.

In the Gambia, a major opposition leader is being taken to court in handcuffs for over a month now without even bail being granted. This is not the sign of a healthy political environment.

The political environment in The Gambia needs to be sanitized. The type of language being thrown about and the hostilities being meted do not befit a sovereign people who should put the national interest before personal interest and who should act with concern and respect towards their fellow sovereign citizens.

Gambia needs a leap forward from the present situation. Who is prepared to guide the country towards its better destiny is the question that every sovereign Gambian should address right now.

The standards of best practice are now before the Jammeh administration. At least the Macky Sall administration has taken a step. Will the Jammeh administration take another step? The future will tell.


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