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By Mustapha JallowThe former Human Resource Director at Gamcel Company Ltd, Mr. Seedy Jaiteh, is still detained incommunicado at the Mile Two prison on the outskirts of the capital city of Banjul and without court appearance for more than eight months now.His family is still denied access to him at the prison, according to a close family source.Mr. Jaiteh was arrested on 27 August, 2014 around mid-night at his residence in Manjiai-Kunda by state security agents in plain clothes, who led him to a waiting vehicle with tinted glasses and without a registration number and whisked away.The relatives of Mr. Jaiteh, after some initial failed attempts to find out his whereabouts at different possible places of detention, finally traced him at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) head office in Banjul. They were initially allowed to take food to him but after 5 days it was stopped as he was transferred to an unknown place where he could not be accessed.No explanation has also been given by the state to the family as to why Mr. Jaiteh is still being detained without charge and beyond 72 hours required by the Constitution of the Second Republic of the Gambia.The source revealed that both the immediate and extended families of Mr. Jaiteh are being deprived of a breadwinner and traumatised by his long detention without trial and access to family.They are therefore appealing to the authorities to release their loved one.Mr. Jaiteh is said to be married with two wives and a child. ]]>

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