Monday, September 16, 2019

Save The Future Generation From Indignity


Video clips posted in the internet exposing sexual behaviours by secondary school students within school premises in full view of other students is now becoming a trend and has brought moral standards in schools to a very low level.

The fact that other students who may be shy or timid to display themselves in such manner in public can hang around and take pleasure in watching such conduct, shows that they are not free from such mentality. If this trend continues it can destroy the social fabric of our society.

Parents, school authorities and the ministry of secondary and basic education must take up the challenge to reverse the trend and instill discipline in the schools. Counselling and guidance should be intensified and expanded and exposure to the internet and video clips that undermine their dignity should be tackled.

Programmes should help students to understand that they are not sex objects but human beings with dignity who respect their bodies; that as future leaders and builders of this nation their principal concern is how to prepare themselves for the future so that as sovereign citizens they can build a free and prosperous nation; that they should always strive to excel in whatever they do; that human resource is vital in the development of any nation and without our future generation being among the best doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists and so on our nation will continue to lag behind; that this is the reason why they are in school to acquire knowledge.

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