Thursday, August 22, 2019

Savage’s gain is Dawda’s pain


By Sulayman BahDemba Savage had the last laugh in Finnish Premier League Dawda BahDemba Savage 1domestic game in what was also an all-Gambian derby against Dawda Bah yesterday evening.This was the second time Dawda Bah’s MYP and Demba Savage’s league champions HJK are meeting this season. The hosts HJK got all points to keep up their startling season record.Goals from substitute Alho and Zeneli grabbed all points for Demba Savage and co.Savage couldn’t get on the score sheet but still remains in contention to collect the league golden with still two goals between him and goal tri-chart-toppers Emet, Solignac and Rafeal who have netted thirteen times.Dawda Bah who dons MYPA’s number ten jersey starred till end of time but his presence did little to change the score.]]>

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